Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Confessions of an Alabama lawbreaker

On December 28, 1991, my wife and I proclaimed our mutual love for one another at Alder Springs Presbyterian Church and formed a covenant with God as man and wife.  We also assumed a legal status in the State of Alabama, and came dangerously close to breaking Alabama law.  You see, at that time, Section 102 of the Alabama State Constitution forbade the marriage of whites and negroes.

Especially not in Alabama.

Fortunately for us, my wife is of Asian ancestry, so the State frowned less upon our mixed race marriage.  I have dear friends, however, who would have been marrying in defiance of the laws of the State of Alabama.

No doubt many astute readers are thinking "That was repealed in 2000."  Indeed 60% of Alabama voters agreed to allow the mixing of races, while 40% voted to hold on to that valued tradition of racial purity.  Yet, I'm not off the hook.

I confess that I've been voting in defiance of Alabama Law.  Section 182, which has not been repealed, forbids the vote to a large array of miscreants, the insane, and those who marry outside their race.  This is triply condemning of miscreants who are crazy enough to marry an Asian chick.

Clearly this dude is unfit to vote.
His wife, however, is smokin' hot.

So, I reluctantly remand myself to the custody of the State of Alabama, to be prosecuted for voter fraud.  I ask that all other so-called law-abiding Alabamians who are voting in defiance of this law also turn themselves over to the law for prosecution.  That includes all idiots, of whom there are plenty, all you adulterers out there, as well as those who have violated the laws of nature.  The Quixotic Iconoclast does not desire specific confession, especially from the latter group.

There is yet one more confession to make.  I have schooled my children with those of other races in defiance of Alabama Law.  Section 256, which has not been repealed, requires that "Separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children, and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race."

 The illegal multiracial school compound.

I bear particular guilt in this regard because I home school my children.  I freely confess that I have allowed my mixed-race children to school with White children of pure blood.  I have also invited and taught Hispanic and Negro children in our school.  We have even hosted Semite children within our walls in defiance of the laws of the State of Alabama.

I know others of you out there are no doubt feeling pangs of guilt as you realize that you are sending your children to public schools with children of other races.  You are lawbreakers, living here in this State in defiance of the Constitution.  Like me, this guilt is no doubt leading you to turn yourselves over to the State for prosecution.  The practice is rampant in Alabama, I have witnessed this in schools all across our Great State.

One of the many educational institutions
with no respect for the rule of law.

Recently the State of Alabama has gone to great lengths to bring pressure on those who are here in our State illegally, breaking the law.  We are told that "illegal is illegal".  City leaders in Albertville have been very public about their instrumental role in upholding "the rule of law".

I wonder if this love for the law will extend to prosecuting those voters are are marrying interracially, and those parents sending their children to schools with children of other races. Will the city of Albertville, a place zealous for the rule of law and the English language prosecute those who are breaking the law in voting booths and classrooms?  How long, I ask you, will our local governments ignore the rule of law?

"Illegal is illegal."

Might we instead come to realize that Alabama has some stupid laws that should be ignored by anyone who values justice?  Some of those laws were passed long ago, and some quite recently.  Might we realize that there's hardly a soul in Alabama who isn't, probably at this very moment, in violation of one of those stupid laws?

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